Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lollipop Moments

Creating Lollipop Moments
(don't understand the reference?  check out this quick video!)

In the comment section below:
Please choose one of the "ideas" fro the list below and "round it out."  Recall the seed analogy we used- if this idea is the seed please provide the sun and water to make it grow into a fully formed viable idea...  consider things like HOW it would be implemented  WHO it would affect, WHO would run this idea after you leave Fay,  WHERE does the idea create an impact, WHERE would the funding for the idea come from, and so on...

In addition to describing the details of your project, your responses should address:
A) how does this idea DIRECTLY affect the issue (not raise money for someone else's efforts)
B) how does this project evolve over the next 20 years
C) how does this project continue after this initial year

(Hint: think about the Heifer project video "12 Stones"-  you can go re-watch it from our website if you need some inspiration!)

Always come back to the idea:  WHAT do we mean by "education" and WHO do we mean when we say "for all"

Please post your "rounded out" idea on our blog BEFORE NOON on Tuesday)...

Topics for you to consider:

1. Using online education to disseminate information / use Skype sessions to share teaching with areas that do not have teachers

2.  Create and online space (website) to collect ideas from students about how to spread education to all

3. Create lessons (via web or cd) that could be passed out to spread specific information

4.  Figure out how to create necessary school equipment (like chairs and tables) out of readily available material (like cardboard)

5.  Student service trip (similar to the New Mexico or Peru trips of years past) but to a local school

6.  Select a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has similar goals to our group and figure out how we can support/extend their efforts (besides donating money)

**  If you have another idea that you would like to explore, just email Ms. Ashley or myself and get the OK first!