Thursday, November 29, 2012

Please add both of your two BIG (and great) ideas in the comment section below.  
Please make sure that they are fully fleshed out ideas that  directly affect our issue of spreading education to all. They should be long lasting (not a one time event or fix) and be "outcome focussed."


  1. 1. Ally ourselves with an NGO that has the time and resources we lack. (I know a possible one personally)They can make the annual trips, going to destinations like Vietnam. We can raise money for them, since their efforts are ours as well.
    2. If these financed trips don't work out, on those years we can organize a Challenge 20/20 effort with SSIS, so that they can make the trips in Vietnam or , if they have enough money, to other countries. They have easier access to Vietnamese areas than we do, so that is an advantage.

  2. 1. Have the bookstore donate a portion of their monthly profits to a charity of our choice. Also at the end of each year donate used books to needy schools instead of throwing them away.

    2. Partner up with a charity and raise money through fundraisers like dances, movie nights, and other cool events.

  3. 1. Automatically donate 1% of each purchase in School Store to a "Fay Education Foundation".
    2. Hold morning meetings about education every term.

  4. 1. Instead of donating a portion of their monthly profits to a charity of our choice, we can have the bookstores donate books to institutions who need them. I always believed that books are sources that can deepen the understanding and perspectives of ourselves and other people.

    2. Have all the students at Fay write a summary of a book that they have really enjoyed reading. Then, collect those summaries and give them to the institutions for learning writing and reading skills.

  5. 1) Have an activity/club, apart from 20/20, that can continue to support and fundraise organizations that support EFA.

    2) Fay can be a supporter of the Red Chair foundation. Any of the furniture and desks that are getting old or are about to be replaced can be donated every year to the foundation. It can be an annual thing that the school participates in.

  6. 1. Have more of the Fay School Community included by raising money in the book store so that after purchase a student makes, they will be asked whether or not they would like to donate money.

    2. We can also do small projects to raise money. Since this group will be ongoing even in future years, we can raise money every year to donate. Although it may not seem like it, this could be long lasting to help others. We could do a run, a bake sale, a movie night, a t-shirt sale, and many other events like SSIS does. They do short term events in order to raise money and donate to a charity they choose to donate to.

  7. 1) Annual Fay School Writing Utensil Collection Color Competition

    2) A few percent of each fund-raising activity (bake sale, candy gram sale, etc.) can go to Fay Education Charity for buying school materials.

  8. 1) Ask a company such as Staples if they would be interested in annually donating supplies to children in need. In exchanged for this we could maybe help direct school shopping to them.

    2) We could start an annual event, like the fun run, that we through annually and all profits go children and schools in need. Also we could donate all old textbooks, chairs, and tables to kids who need it.

  9. 1. Try to raise money by doing "Challenge 20/20 Bake Sale" or Red and Whites Color Competition.

    2. We also can make a club named "EFA(Education For All) Club" or group who is interested in our issue of spreading education to all.

  10. 1. Having each group write a page about education for all, then having a bake sale to raise money to bind it at Staples.
    2. Making wristbands or other merchandise education education for all and the causes. Proceeds go to charity.

  11. 1. Color Competition text book and school supplies drive, most donated gets a prize of some sort

    2. Special item in the book store that is student made which 50% of sales go to EFA

  12. 1. hold fundraisers at Fay, and at other private schools, and ask the trend to spread throughout. Use the money for the cause.

    2. Create a sort of icon, and make it famous in the way that Hello Kitty is famous, and use the money for the cause.


Please share your ideas about our topic: Education for All.

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