Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who is dropping out of school in the United States and why?  How does this video change some of your assumptions about the challenges that face different parts of the U.S. population?


  1. Those who are dropping out of school in the US are those who cannot see the value in education, or those who do not have accessibility to it. At first I thought that drop outs always dropped out of school because of selfish reasons, but after watching this video, I found that people drop out because of family reasons or because they cannot afford to go to school. Places in the US that have a high population rate, in the situation of person in this video, Chicago, tend to also have a greater drop out rate.
    Another thing, that Nogeeshik says, is that people who drop out can be anywhere. It is hard to identify them because they don't stand out in the middle of millions of people in the nation. Before, I had thought that places like a city would have less dropouts, but after watching this, I realized that there are just as many people who dropout of school in big cities as well.
    The story of Nogeeshik gave me a totally different view on the matter of high school dropouts in America than I had before.

  2. This really changed my opinion on school dropouts. Where, before, we sort of assumed that people simply did not want to go to school, or they didn't have the money, or some other reason. However, when I watched the video, I saw that that was not the case with people like Nogeeshik--people who don't have enough money, and who just can't seem to get their life on track. It was obvious that he WANTED to go to school and get an education, but that's pretty hard when you don't even have the bus fare to get to a job fair.

  3. Dropouts quit school because of many causes, such as economics problems, accidental pregnancy, and other issues. This video really improved my understanding and knowledge of the Native American populations of the United States. I did not really know anything about them at all, but this helped me comprehend their plight and reminded me that they were also a significant part of society today, and also a part that is struggling to be recognized.

  4. A very large portion of kids drop out because of money, as was the case with the boy in the video. Also, many people drop out because of family issues and personal conditions. After watching this video, I think I understand a lot more about the challenges that different people face. I used to think that a lot of them were lazy, and so they dropped out of school. However, this video shows that that isn't always the case. The boy in the video didn't even have the money to get around anywhere, and that made it hard to find a job or go to school. Also, he had family issues, like his mom being an alcoholic, and so he didn't have a lot of support from them, and he had to seek support elsewhere.

  5. Many of the dropouts in the US are not dropping out for selfish reasons. Whether the family has an issue with money or the family condition is not great, it can become a reason to drop out of school. One thing that I learned for sure that a dropout can be anyone. Anyone on the streets could be a dropout from school and a person wouldn't be able to recognize it. The stereotype that dropouts are in really bad conditions (gangs, alcohol, etc.) went away from me. There are people like that who are dropouts, but there are plenty of people who are dropouts because of family or personal issues.

  6. There are many high school dropouts in the US and there are various reasons in why the student quit school. Some student drop out because it is hard for them to keep up with the bill, some quit because of some family issues, or some even drop out because they are physically bullied and wants to be excluded from the school community, which is devastating to hear. Whether these are the problems they are faced with, or they have other problems to face, they usually have some reason to quit school and choose to stay home or other places. Although many might think that only a few students drop out of school, there are numerous numbers of students that unfortunately choose to not receive education, or just are not given the opportunity to receive one. If they struggle with the problem, their surrounding might encourage them to not attend school. For an example, if the child's parents were having a hard time economically, they might make the child quit school in order for them to save money. Although it is hard for the parents to make their child stop receiving education, it is also devastating for the child to hear that they cannot receive education anymore. Also, if they are bullied inside the school, they might have a hard time physically and mentally, which would lead them into having a very hard time to stay focused at school. If they are distracted from doing their own school work, they are likely to drop out of school and quit it, just to help them calm themselves emotionally and find peace in their homes. Like such, there are many problems that lead high schoolers or college students to drop out of school. Whether it is voluntary or not, the number of dropouts in the US should decrease greatly.
    -Yewon Chun


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